23 Million Americans had a package stolen last year.

Don’t be one of them.

Bench Box is shipping soon. Be the first to know when it’s available.

Protect your packages from porch pirates – with Bench Box.

Patent Pending Bench Box is a simple security solution that will fit in – not stand out – on any porch. More importantly, it will securely store almost any package.

Bench Box looks more like a piece of great furniture than a security system. That’s by design. Bench Box is designed to look like a piece of patio furniture but is also a security system for all of your packages.

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Here’s how bench box works:

  1. Your UPS, FedEx, USPS or DHL Driver sees the Bench Box on your porch.
  2. An straightforward message on the door explains to the delivery person to put your delivery in the box.
  3. The delivery person puts the package in the box. It automatically locks. That’s it. There is nothing else. Your packages will be waiting there when you get home.

No complicated security codes, locks or WiFi set up.

See how easy it for a delivery person to use Bench Box:

Porch Pirates are everywhere.

Porch Pirates aren’t just stealing packages around the holidays. Bench Box: your packages, delivered safe.

What’s a Porch Pirate?

Created and Endorsed by Law Enforcement Officials 

Bench Box was inspired from law enforcement experience of seeing packages stolen moments after a delivery. We thought there had to be an simple solution to make sure your valuable packages were safely delivered. We knew it had to be simple to use and easy for delivery providers. That’s why we designed Bench Box.

Made in America. Veteran Owned. 

Bench Box could easily be made overseas at a cheaper price. We’d rather keep Americans employed.