About Bench Box

Packages go in. Porch Pirates stay out.

What is Bench Box?

The idea behind Bench Box is simple: Secure your packages and keep Porch Pirates away. Bench Box is a simple Box (and Bench) for your front porch. Bench Box secures all of your packages and deliveries: from UPS, FedEx, USPS, food deliveries and anything else you can think of.

Bench Box is designed to be extremely easy to use. To secure your packages, all you need to do is close the lid.

How does Bench Box work?

Bench Box is slightly open when unlocked. A spring system holds the door open. This process is designed to make sure each delivery is secured.

The delivery person simply needs to open the lid, place your package in the Bench Box and close the lid. That’s it! The Bench Box locks automatically. When you get home, simply unlock the lid and the spring system will pop open the lid.

Leave the lid open for the next delivery to be secured.

How do I get a Bench Box?

Bench Box is handmade in Fort Collins, Colorado. It is available for purchase online and at select events.

We deliver to Northern Colorado. Contact us for delivery outside of Northern Colorado.

What Bench Box is right for me?

I only get a few packages.

I only get a few packages every now and again, but I want to make sure they are secure. If that's you, you could use our Single Secure Compartment Model.

Single Secure Compartment

Our basic model is perfect for homes that only get one delivery per day, on average.

Show me the colors!

I get lots of packages.

I know my delivery people by name and get multiple deliveries a day. If that's you, check out our Dual Secure Compartments.

Dual Secure Compartment

If you get lots of deliveries (or your wife does), then check out our Dual Secure Compartment Model.

Show me the colors!